The Lafayette Visitor's Center

Located in the Gateway of Lafayette

1400 NW Evangeline Thruway


A 1920 's Tudor style village neighborhood 

on Johnston street adjacent to ULL University; 

enter thru the historic stucco canopy.

The Alexandre Mouton House

 (Lafayette Museum)  

 A historic property circa 1800 by Jean Mouton 

located at 1122 Lafayette Street.

A stunning display of Southern 

Fuchsia & Red Formosa Azaleas.

Located at 300 Fisher Road

Located at 200 Greenleaf Drive 

An Azalea Garden in the Woods.

"Seven Oaks"

"Seven Oaks"

A stunning display of large Southern Indica Azaleas in several varieties located on

 St. Mary Boulevard.

 George Tabor and GG Gerbing Azaleas 

1100 Lee Avenue 

"Seven Oaks"

 The Paul & LuLu Hilliard 

University Art Museum

 St. Mary Boulevard.

Dr. John & Edith Miles House

A local historic property adorned with 

Judge Solomon & F​ormosa Azaleas

 located on Calder Street.

Located along La Rue France, a magnificent display 

of large Southern Indica Formosa 

& Judge Solomon Azaleas under Live Oaks. 

Asian Style Home 

A ridge of George Tabor Azaleas on Congress Street near the St. Mary Boulevard trail area.

National Register Historic Property

St. John & Cathedral Street

Lafayette featured in the December 2018   "The Azalean" Magazine,

a Quarterly Publication by the Azalea Society of America

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