6XVP+5W Lafayette, Louisiana6XVP+5W Lafayette, Louisiana https://goo.gl/maps/[email protected]

The Lafayette Museum

 (Alexandre Mouton House & Grounds)  

 Circa 1800 by Jean Mouton 

1122 Lafayette Street

National Register Historic Property Circa 1820

Sterling Grove Historic District

338 North Sterling Street

"The General Lafayette" Azaleas

 George Tabor and GG Gerbing Azaleas 

1100 Lee Avenue

Crow Girard Historic House

National Register Historic Property

Located on University Avenue

Dr. John & Edith Miles House

A residential historic property adorned with 

Judge Solomon & F‚Äčormosa Azaleas

Calder Street in Elmhurst Neighborhood

National Register Historic Property

St. John & Cathedral Streets

Hebrew Rest Historic Cemetery

"Menachim Aveilim Cemetery" 

Azaleas, Camellias and Live Oaks

Japanese Magnolias & Red Formosa Azaleas

1030 Johnston Street

First Presbyterian Church

Judge Solomon Azaleas